Anchors put on a line


I am using DWM1001 and Pans Firmware. My place looks like a corridor. I want put 15 anchors to a line. I drew a small figure. I want learn its good idea ?


  1. Think logically.
    How anchors should determine “left” and “right” in your corridor?
    Best would be to have anchors on both walls, however, with given dimmensions you can keep one of the lines on the center.
  2. What stops you from a small experiment?! With MDEK you should have 12 units and can test your solution)

If all you want to know is distance down the corridor and not which side something is on then your layout is ideal.
Having said that I’m not sure how robust the position calculation is in the firmware, if things are perfectly in a line you may hit some weird divide by zero type issues. You may want to introduce a very slight zig-zag to the line (a couple of cm) just to make the softwares life easier.

If you also want to know which side you are on then alternating left and right of the corridor would probably work best. Alternatively if it’s more practical put them in a line all on one side of the corridor, if you get a position that would put you through the wall then assume it’s put you on the wrong side of the line. But I wouldn’t expect that to be as accurate.