Anchors layout DWM1001

Hello everyone. I’m testing the DWM1001 system in a building with the floorplan of the image. I put anchors in the places marked with the red dot. The ranging in the area marked in green works perfectly, but the tags have problems ranging in the area marked in the light orange color. The problem I’m having is that the tags won’t give a new position and when they do the position is off by as much as 2 meters. I’m guessing that it is a problem with the location engine since in that area the tags should be able to range with the anchors nearby.

Is there another way that I should place the anchors so that the ranging works correctly in the orange area?

(Dimensions are in meters)

Hi dpelaez,

From the floorplan it seems that in your setup, the orange area has a lot of blocking. the walls/doors will block the ranging between the Anchors and the Tags. If the Tag can only range with less than 3 Anchors, i.e. it only sees 1 or 2 Anchors, then it will not be able to calculate it’s location.

In short, your setup is not good.

To improve the positioning performance, you may add Anchors at the corners in the orange ares so that the Tags can always range with at least 3-4 anchors.

Below is my suggestion of how extra Anchors can be addd to improve the performance. See the green triangles. I don’t know how thick the wall (in black) is, but if it’s very thick, i.e. very signal blocking, you may also think of adding Anchors at the purple triangles. Hope this can help.


Thank you for the response Weibo.
I added the following anchors marked in green and the tags worked much better.

Hi dpelaez

Nice GUI. Which framework do you use ? I am a little bit bad at designing GUI for the project, could you guide me how to do this . Thanks