Anchors disappear

I’m using the MDEK1001 Dev boards as anchors, tags and gateways on raspberry Pi 3B

I have 11 anchors at the moment and 4 gateways with the RPi’s.

The system works fine, but suddenly my initiator went missing and then the some of the anchors. The system show the gateways working. All of them is on Wi-Fi at the moment.

When I refresh the webpage, all the anchors shows for a moment and then disappear. Please see attached screenshots.

I’ve replaced 2 anchors, but see that the old anchor’s data is still displayed, but it is not part of the anchors anymore (not connected and off).Anchors disappearing.pdf (288.1 KB)

I’ve rebooted all RPi’s.

Who else experience this problem and what is the solution for the problem?

Thank you

I ran in a similar issue, tags and anchors some times dissapearing, I also found the mqtt broker is full of status{present:false} messages, I re-flashed the stock image for now as a solution

Thank you. How do you reflash the stock image?

How many times (interval) did you this?

as with any raspbian image, with balena etcher software.
I has happened once, for now, as I can’t replicate or know the cause

Which RPi image must I reflash?

I’ve got 4 RPi gateways, one is the local host. I don’t want to do all 4 at the same time to be able to identify the problem.

I’ll start at the local host, the only one displaying Anchors at the moment.