Anchore lost network on restart


1 Have some DWM1001 dev kits and doing some testing on getting distance.
everything is working ok. except every now and then after a reboot or power lose a unit wont connect back to the network it was programmed too. if i open the app it will say new node is available.
then i have to point it back to the network it was programmed to. this has happened about 3 or 4 times randomly with different networks set as well. this most recent one was a anchor that lost its network where the tag was still pointing to the correct network name. i have been testing by randomly rebooting the tag and anchor are random points to see if it reconnects.

does anyone know why the chips are loosing there network info they have been programmed to?
from what i can tell its random and i cant find a pattern.

Hi All again,

we have made a custom baseboard to power the DWM1001C.
did lost of testing and the problem above still exists and it still very random.
the only thing i can tell is it is related to power lose. Either unplugging the supply or removing the battery. we have done some tests with unplugging power for weeks without a problem. Has anyone else ever had this problem or know what could cause the memory lose on the chip of the network it is programmed too?

the setup is pretty simple we have 1 anchor , 1 tag. which they are configured to a network from the decawave app over ble.