Anchor Tag density DW1000

We starting a project using a DW1000 RTLS technology.
We have begun with a system where there are some ANCHORS and TAGS moving over a space. We could test that 5 ANCHORS a 5 TAGS can be together in a 70m^2. It seems when a 6th ANCHOR entries in the zone the system starts losing information about some TAGS, even in some moments some ANCHOR is losing all TAGS information, and make our application not working properly.
We are working with this configuration:
My question are:
1.If there is a document or some can explain where are the limits of the system about space, number of ANCHORS and TAGS that all of them are moving in certain space??
2.Should I change configuration to improve the density??
3.Is there limitation about proximity between ANCHORS?? ANCHORS between TAGS?? TAGS between TAGS?
Thank you for support.

Hi Daniel,

Can you please give details about the hardware/software you are using ?


Hello Yves_Bernard,

Yes sure! For testing we are using radino32 and its library with Arduino framewrok.

Thank you for support.

for more details about hardware:

I am not familiar with the software that is provided with radino32 but suspect what you are seeing is a limitation in the demo code rather than the DW1000 UWB.
Our TTK1000 TDoA system can support 1000’s of Tags and as many Anchors needed to cover a particular space. The MDEK1001 also has good Tag density albeit less than TTK1000. I think you should look at MDEK as a first step, the PANS software stack is provided for free with the MDEK1001 and it offers you a fully functional/scalable RTLS system out-of-the-box.

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Hello Kenneth,
Ok. Thank you for your reply.
I’ll try to go further with the documentation is posted on decawave website.
In adavance, could you please give a TAG/ANCHOR density with MDEK1001??
Do you think we could we develop an application with 25 TAGS <–> 25 ANCHORS in a 30m radius space??
Thank you for your suggestion and support.

MDEK will support 100’s of tags!
In general, if you want to locate 25 tags in 30m2 then you will not need 25 anchors.
What does the space you want to deploy in look like?

Ok. 100 TAGs will be enough. :smile:
I will try to order MDEK1001 and start checking the system and our application.
Thank you again!