Anchor Selection from tag node

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I have MDEK kit and my test setup was with eight anchor , one listener and 4 tag.

I would like to know the anchor switching sequence of tag. As per the decawave documents the tag will not switch the anchor until it moved from a quadrant.
But during the test we found even for stationary position the tag keep on switching anchor ranging ( it mostly selects longest distance anchor even though nearby anchors are active).

Is there any document which clearly explains the anchor selection criteria.


Hi Sateesh

[color=#333333]The tags will range to the closest anchors to its last known position, trying to get an anchor in each quadrant around the itself. For the first TWR, the tag assumes the origin to be its position. [/color]

[color=#333333]For me detail please refer to section 4.8 which is well documented below :[/color]


In your case, are you sure the tag is in LOS with the closest anchors ? Can it “hear” then for sure ? In user shell mode, you can use the command “LA” on the tag to see which anchors it can see.

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