Anchor report range of tag(s)

Hi all,

If I setup one tag and one anchor I can get range info with LES command when I’m connected directly to the tag over UART. If I add more anchors, the same same tag ranges to more anchors and reports on those anchors with both LA and LES commands.

Now is it possible to do this the other way around by connecting to the UART on an anchor (or a separate tag or listener) to report the range of all tags if, and here’s the crux, I’M ONLY USING TWO ANCHORS?


Hi gjm,

You can retrieve location from tags either from :

  • Tags itself (provides range in addition to location)
  • Passive tag or anchor (provides only location)

In your case, if you are interested in retrieving ranges and not position from a remote node, it is currently not possible unfortunately.

It may be possible in the release 2 by ending the range within the payload. (Dependin gon how many range you need to send)

Thank you,