Anchor is not seen by bn

Anchor is not seen by listener.

There are 3 anchors, 1 tag, 1 listener (panid = 0002) working correctly.
After a while anchor 333c becomes invisible for listener (pic 1)


Pic 1
I check it in tera term. 333c is ok. (pic 2)


Pic 2
I check tag to understand if an anchor is seen by the tag. Anchor was seen (seens 246) (pic 3). But after reseting the tag 333c is not seen (pic 4)


Pic 3


Pic 4

Anchor 333c and tag aren’t ranging. Tag is ranging only with 0302, 0bd5.


I check Anchor again. It has th same panid, but it doesn’t see bn.
After reset, everything is ok.

Why is it happening? How to expel this situation?

Hi @what_is_love_chik
as a first of all - listener is not a bridge. Listener is a node configured to listner which can sniff the network for TN positions and print them out via uart. But you are actually talking about the bridge which provides bidirectional communication with TN/AN.

Re Picture 1) actually here you can see the problem:
uwbmac: disconnected - at least this must be connected!!!
uwbmac: bh disconnected - it is connected when it is connected to bridge

This AN does not see the network initiator or some anchors around. Try to move it to some other place and avoid any obstacles within min. 10cm from the antenna (including walls).

I have placed once the AN directly on the wall by a mistake and the operating range drops to 1-2 meters! Simple move it a bit further from the wall improved the operating range significantly.