Anchor in Range detection

Hello all,
I did some experiment in the warehouse and I have the question.
How can I see in real time through laptop (Not the Android app) who are the anchors that can see or can be seen by tag?
I want to allocate anchors and I should know in the places that are problematic who are the anchors that the tag connect to them and who does it miss?
Or maybe someone can suggest better way for anchor allocation?
Thank you in advance,


I would recommend to connect to each anchors over USB, setup a serial connection with teraterm or putty (configuration 115200 - 8 - none - 1).

Then send “enter” twice in the terminal and you will access the UART Shell Mode.

You can then use the command “la” that will give you numerous valuable information regarding the surrounding anchors.

Thank you,

Thank you, Yves!