Anchor doesn't go online -- possible reasons?

Hello everyone,

I have 4 anchors in a room with one of them the initiator, and also a gateway, which all seems to work fine. I’ve added an anchor to an adjacent room to extend the network into the next room, which also seems to be okay. I can see all the anchors on the DRTLS Web Manager and all looks fine.

When I add a 2nd anchor in the adjacent room however it doesn’t seem to go online even though it is placed directly in front of the 1st anchor by a couple of meters.

I know anchors need to see each other to extend the network but does a gateway also need to be seen by the anchors? Or at the very least does every anchor need to be able to communicate with a gateway for the anchor to go online?

I know tags need to be close to a gateway but wasn’t sure if anchors needed to be as well? I’m trying to understand why the additional anchor in the adjacent room doesn’t go online when the first one does even though they are placed directly opposite each other (the gateway is in the first room).

Please could someone shed some light on this?

Thanks you.


Hi @Sunny
the rule for gateway - anchors is the same as for gateway - tag. They need to be within UWB range.

When you are mentioning online - you mean online within UWB network or android app or the web app?


Thanks JK. I tried it and it fixed the issue. All the anchors came to life once a set up a 2nd gateway.

btw I meant the web app.