Analog inputs for the nRF52 in the DWM1001 module


In DWM1001_datasheet document, table 1 (pinouts), it is said that GPIOs 9 and 10 are also ADC inputs for the nRF52.

In DWM1001_API_guide page 25 it is said that these pins are available for the user. One can set them as inputs (dwm_gpio_cfg_input), and read their values (dwm_gpio_value_get)

My question is if these pins can be set also as analog inputs, or, if not possible, if it will possible in the next Release 2 of the firmware. I would like to use any of these pins, for example, to monitor the battery level in a tag.

Thank you in advance


Hi Epenciso,

You will need to write an application in the user code space to configure the Nordic pins for analog mode and also setup and use the ADC.
The functions you mention above are digital read/write.


Are there any available examples of this? I am also looking to measure battery level to send out notifications for when it is time to recharge. I am also particularly interested in how to communicate this data to the listener device along with the position data.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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Did you finally get to read the battery from ADC?

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Dear Ken,

how to configure the Nordic pins for analog mode and setup and then use the ADC by using the given example like dwm_simple?

best wishes.
Febby Madrin.