All decawave products show to be discontinued on Digikey

On digikey all decwave ICs/boards seem to have been discontinued including DWM1001,DW1000, DWM1000. Is Decawave discontinuing the entire current product line. If not what are the alternates to Digikey for procuring these ICs/Boards.

In future does decawave plans to discontinue these products?


It seems to be discontinued everywhere or out of stock…

It is really discontinued by Decawave/Qorvo or it is “just” supply shortages???

Take a look at the following post: Has the TREK1000 product discontinued?

It seems like it is just a shortage due to COVID-19.

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Thanks for the information. I can also see " MOUSER ELECTRONICS" as new addition to the distributor list. Seems DigiKey is no longer a distributor for decawave.