AlgorithmPositioningUltra-wideband Positioning Systems Book

Hi guys;

I have recently read a book about the positioning estimation which can be thought in 3 different scenarios; Mapping, Geometric and statistical approach which is suggested in noisy environments. Chapter 3 the position estimation of UWB.
(Ultra-wideband Positioning Systems Theoretical Limits, Ranging Algorithms, and Protocols
ZAFER S ̧ AH ̇INOG ̆ LU, S ̇INAN GEZ ̇IC ̇I, AND ̇ISMA ̇IL GÜVENÇ). The book can be downloaded.

Firstly, knows which one is implemented on the decawave?

Secondly, the anre is algorithm which is suggested by decawave below in NLOS condition. How much is reliable and how long ranges it can supports ?
[size=medium][font=CMR12]NLOS condition detection algorithm [/font][/size]
1: input: i, source node number 3: RXPOWER = GetRXPOWER(i) FPPOWER = GetFPPOWER(i) [][size=small][font=CMR10] [/font][/size][size=medium][font=CMMI12]d [/font][/size][size=medium][font=CMR12]= RXPOWER - FPPOWER [/font][/size]
][size=small][font=CMR10] [/font][/size][size=medium][font=CMBX12]if[/font][/size][size=medium][font=CMMI12]d>[/font][/size][size=medium][font=CMR12]6[/font][/size][size=medium][font=CMBX12]then -> Nlos[/font][/size]

Hi Sara,

Can you give me the download link of this book, please?

Thank in advance!