Adding the 4th anchor for DecaRangeRTLS application


I have two questions after trying to add the fourth anchor for the DecaRangeRTLS application.

  1. The fourth anchor A3 does not appear in the DecaRangeRTLS PC application UI view. Both Auto-positioning checked and unchecked options does not show the fourth anchor. Tag 0 and Anc 3 are ranging well tho. What is up with this?

  2. Secondly, is it okay to have the Anc 0 on a different plane than the other three’s(A1, A2, A3)? The manual tells me to have the Anc 3 on a different plane but it does not say it must be the Anc 3. It would be really great if it does not have to be the Anc 3 b/c of the experiment environment I am in.

Below is the DecaRangeRTLS PC UI view after connecting the Anc 0 to my PC and powering up Anc 1-3 and Tag 0.

I have MDEK1001 but never heard about this app… How do I get it? Is it part of one of the kits or available for download online?

It’s for TREK1000 kit which consists of 4 EVB1000 boards.


I take it you have the 4 anchors on a a certain height , in your case 2.05m
Can you see all the anchors ? Could you to draw the anchor on a XY diagram to get the approx coordinates, and fill in these coordinates manually into the GUI (don’t use autopositioning) . Once that is done power up a TAG.
If you’re ready with this the 4th Anchor (Anchr 3) should appear.
The Anchors don’t neccesarely have to be on the same plane.
See picture attached.

I also send you teh source code guided for teh TREK ARM software . This would explain the use and importance

NL_DecaRangeRTLS_ARM_Source_Code_Guide.pdf (887.3 KB) of Anchor 0

I don’t think it is about the order of powering the anchors.
My guess would be that the 4th anchor:

  1. Not flashed with 2.0 image or image got somehow corrupted, or
  2. Configured incorrectly (not as an active anchor)
  3. Most likely has no valid network ID (PANID)

To get good accuracy along Z axes the anchors should be spread over Z axis as much as possible:
2 at the ceiling level, 1 at the floor level and one in the middle…

Hi Securig2
My email was in relation to TREK1000, not MDEK1000 which is a different product.

But Dwacky, let me know if the info sent was of any help.
The source code guide I sent explains the importance of Anchor 0 and besides that info also a whole heap of oher useful info.


I also need DecaRangeRTLS.exe application but can’t find the link to download it. Could you upload this application or kindly send it to me via email: ? Thanks a lot.