Adding Nordic SDK Drivers into User Space Apps

I’m looking for guidance in how to include Nordic’s SDK drivers into one of the R2 example projects. I am attempting to use SPI2 as a master by not including the SPI API functionality (dwm_serial_spi_compile()) and using Nordic’s SPI master driver for my own functionality.

I see some of Nordic’s SDK code is included in nordicsemi/components. Right now SES is complaining about a missing sdk_config.h, but more than that I am worried that some of Nordic’s driver code may break PANS. Can somehow who has already integrated the SDK into their DWM apps give some guidance?

Hi Nicholas,

there is a list of interfaces which are blocked or restricted by PANS. You can find it in the Firmware API documentation.

You can use the dwm-timer and dwm-uart as reference examples for your code.

I hope this helps.