Accuracy in positioning the tag of DWM1001 module

The accuracy of the DWM1001 module has been varying if we keep the tag in the same place for a longer period of time, there is a difference of 20-30cm with respect to the anchors.
Also when we are displacing the tag from the same position and again placing on that position, there is also a change in value of the measured distance about 20-30cm. So what can be the issue?

This is common issue, 20-30cm accuracy deviation is most common in this tech.

Can it be minimised if I buy higher version model of decawave or by using any sort of code?

Hi, I suggest you implement a Kalman filter

Its objective is to minimize noise in sensors and is widely used to reduce the oscillation in GPS

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Ok. I will try to use that.
Can the TREK module be used to give better accuracy?


This is common issue, 20-30cm accuracy deviation is most common in this tech.

Really? I get a position standard deviation of a few cm if I measure a thousand or so static positions.

Absolute position isn’t as good but position repeatability is very high.
If I follow the same straight line multiple times the UWB reported path may have a wobble in it but the wobble is almost exactly the same every time.

It might be true in a fixed environment (surrounding) , in our case it is not indoor, could be some other factors that are causing this deviation.

even in a static tag you will see a small change position time to time (under 20 cm deviation though)

Another problem I am noticing quite a few times is that the anchors are showing “out of list” or “not in range” when I am running the code. Then again I have to disconnect and connect it then it runs. Any remedy for this problem?
It is happening when I am running the code not while in standby position for a long time.

it is strange, i never faced it.
some times tag or anchor will be missed in UART response, but for me it will always be shown in next second/result so it wasnt a issue in my case

how are you reading the information?