Accessing IOT/User data and Postion data at Listener or Bridge

I have the MDEK1001 kit and I am trying to set up a simple network with 4 anchors, 1 tag, 1 listener and 1 bridge. I do not have a Rasp Pi 3B and its hard to find one in market now.
I need tag and anchor information to be accessed either at the bridge or listener. I have a rasp Pi 4B which can be used to receive this data through the USB Jlink/COM port. If I can achieve this, i will use this data and send it to a server where i can use this data for futher processing.
I also need to use the IOT/user data to send custom data(the Accelerometer data from the IMU sensor on the MDEK1001). I am able to access the data using i2c read c apis. But I am not sure how to send this using the dwm_usr_data_write function.
How can I achieve this ?
I am able to access position data at the Listener with no issues. Can i do the same on a bridge ?
Also can i send and receive iot data to and from tags from the bridge or listener with the set up i have mentioned i.e. without using a rasp pi 3B.
I have gone through all documents, tried to use the range iot example and it did not work out.
But I am at a dead end now. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @Sarat
let me help you here.

The PANS bridge is working only with Raspberry Pi 3B. The newer RPi version have a 1Gbit ethernet that corrupt precise kernel timing. For 3B+ I think that it is working when you disable the ethernet and use WIFI. For RPI 4 Im not sure if the provided image would work at all but it will face the same issues as 3B+.

For the bridge functionality the data exchange between DWM1001-DEV and RPI is done via SPI interface and via JLINK VCP port as this port is very slow.

With the listener function you can only receive location data and there is no API/programs distributed by Qorvo/Leaps that can parse this, you must do this by yourself. But I believe that there are some opensource solutions in github - that to search in this forum.

The dwm_usr_data_write sends data via the UWB network to the bridge/MQTT. Once you network if operational (TN + AN + brigde) they you can send / receive IoT data to the end node via bridge.