Accessing DW1000 with SPI from DWM1001 MCU (Nordic nRF52832)

Hi everyone,
I’m pretty new to the programming of microcontrollers so I’m sorry in advance if I’ll ask something obvious.

I am working on a project on the DWM1001 module, and as a first basic task I want to use the DW1000 module connected to the MCU (Nordic nRF52832) to send data through UWB, and use another module to receive it and read it.
Now I think I understood that this can’t be done using the PANS firmware, so I thought I could include the drivers for DW1000 to write some code myself: I added the header files and the c code to the “include” folder and I tried simply to get the device ID with the function dwt_readdevid(), but I get the error at compilation

undefined reference to `dwt_readdevid’

I imagined it wouldn’t have been this simple, but being a newbie I’m not really sure of what I should do: I read in some other topics that I need to write a wrapper code for the writetospi() and readfromspi() functions for my specific controller, maybe that’s it? If so, could someone link a general guide to do so?

Thanks in advance, I hope this wasn’t a duplicate question, but I didn’t find the answer in days of researching online.


Hi Rick,

Have a look at the projet from there :


Hi Yves,

Thank you very much for your reply, I’m trying to figure out what they did in that project.
I can see that the .c files have a different structure from the ones provided in the DWM1001 examples on the Decawave website: is it because in this case the code is completely written from scratch and doesn’t make use of the PANS API? So there is no way of just adding functionalities to the PANS firmware: either I use it or I create my own project, am I correct?