Access to peripherals

In the DWM1001 Firmware API Guide, there is a table of peripherals used by PANS. Many of the peripherals list their access as “Blocked if BLE is enabled” or “restricted if BLE is enabled”.
One such is the radio peripheral. Does this mean that if BLE is not enabled for the PANS library it is not restricted and is therefore available for use in the user application?

As a corollary to that question, what is the best way to access any peripherals that are available. Should I import the Nordic libraries and use those directly?

Hi Jeffy,

yes, if BLE is disabled, PANS do not touch the RADIO interface. However this option of access to the RADIO has never been tested.

The best way is probably to import the Nordic libraries. Since working with the RADIO is complex, I would suspect the library would require also other interfaces. Please verify that it do not use the interfaces marked as blocked by PANS. That can lead to unexpected behaviors.


Awesome, thanks!

I will investigate this possibility.

Hello, jeffyromney

Did you investigate the possibilitiy to import the Nordic libraries and use the radio?
Any info on this is very wellcome!


I have not had time to yet. I hope to soon, but it might be a few weeks yet.