.ac analysis error in the waveform viewer

.ac dec 100 1 10Meg
.step param X value1 value2 …

In the latest version,
.step param simulations such as operational amplifiers,
the gain value is not stepped plots correctly.
The phase step seems to be normal.

.ac analysis error 2023-09-11

.ac analysis normal 2023-09-09

Please just set Rpar to the value you like. Set it to zero to turn it off.

I based the damping the real-world inductors I found in real life. Broadly speaking, inductors don’t have a particularly high Q unless very special construction techniques are used.

For the large inductances I’ve worked with in real life, these would have been so-called war magnets. About 80 Henries. They weighed several hundred pounds. Physics labs all over the US were littered with them as they were used for measuring the shift of energy levels of light atoms in near ground state submersed in a magnetic field. The magnets were left over from a failed attempt to do isotopic separation by mass spectrometry in the early 1940s.


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