About TXPHS and RXPHD timing

I am looking for more detailed information on the timing of the status register TX and RX flags. Specifically, I would like to find TX and RX flags which are set at exactly corresponding points of message transmission and reception.
My current best guess is that TXPHS (in TX) and RXPHD (in RX) are both set exactly at the points of when PHY header has been completed (sent or received) and the data part processing starts, but is it really so?
TXPHS seems clear, but the User Manual says about RXPHD that:
This event status bit is set to indicate that the receiver has completed the decoding of the PHR
Is this “decoding” the same as having fully received PHR, or does the “detect” in RXPHD mean something that happens already earlier before the header has been completely received?

Another possible matching pair would be TXPRS and RXSFDD, but I think that TXPRS is set after preamble and before SFD, while RXSFDD is set only later at the end of SFD.

TXPHS - TX finished sending of PHR
RXPHD - RX finished PHR reception and the PHR data is valid (decoded correctly), else will signal PHE.
TXPRS - TX finished sending preamble (end of preamble)
RXSFDD - RX finished receiving SFD (end of SFD)

Thank you!