About TX_POWER store in otp

  1. the manual tell us ,we can store the calibration value of tx_power into otp。if I get the wrong value,otp can not change the value,so i want to store the calibration value into the flash of mcu,is that ok???

2.do I have to calibrate every DW1000? I want to write the same calibration value depending on the test,I test 20 DW1000 on my PCB,and get the 20 values,so can I write the average of 20 value to other dw1000.
look forward to your reply! thank you !

You can store your calibration data into any nonvolatile memory, you code should manage the process restore DW1000 register settings, especially wakeup from sleep.

Totally depended on balance between performance and product cost, please take a look at APS012

thank you for your help.i got it