About the design made with the wb002 antenna

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We were using Dw1000 and Taiyo Yuden AH086M555003-T antenna for our Rtls system. We made an initial design with the WB002 antenna to increase our coverage area, but we could not get the results we wanted.For antenna tests, we got good results when we attached the antenna of the EWK1000 module (WB002) to our design with the sma connector.

The pcb we designed is 4 layer and we used the stack-up values given by Decawave. We set the antenna line impedance to be 50 Ohm. We used the ground in the inlayer as the Reference Ground. Could this be the reason for the poor performance?

As another parameter, we shortened the transmission line and ground section of the antenna to fit the design inside the box.Could this be the reason for the poor performance?

If desired, I can share the design files with you. Can you help us in this regard?

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Can you give more details about the “not get the results we wanted.” tell us about what problems you get with the design of the Left.

Also did you do tests for TWR or TDoA?
Did you calibrate the Antenna delay?