About Multiple Access Technology in DW1000

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I went through the latest datasheet and manual of DW1000. But I did not find any description of multiple access technology. I would like to know whether the DW1000 can support CDMA. I found a chip introduction about the DW1000 in 2013, as shown in the following, which introduces the features of CDMA support.
Hope you can help me. Thanks a lot!

Media Access Techniques
• FDMA: 6 channels
• CDMA: 12 different channel codes


Generally you need to use TDMA.

You can use the preamble code to provide some discrimination between different communication channels. However two active transmitters with different preamble codes could still jam each other if they are both actively transmitting simultaneously. Lots of UWB implementations are very low duty cycle so for some applications this may not be a significant issue.

While there are 6 different frequencies supported they have large amounts of overlap meaning that realistically only 2 or possibly 3 channels are available.