About MDEK1001 and DWM1001-DEV

Hi, everyone. Recently I have just started to work on UWB indoor positioning. I need a set of equipment to build a real-time positioning system to know the position information of labels (2D or 3D). Currently, the device is known as the MDEK1001, but it is not certain. I have some questions for you to ask. 1. The development board in MDEK1001 is DWM1001, can I re-write the underlying code of the built-in program in this development board? Because I need to change the algorithm to do what I want. This development board can modify the built-in program to the algorithm level. 2. What is the difference between DWM1001 and DWM1001-DEV? Can I directly build the system I need with DWM1001? 3. Is the Raspberry Pi mentioned in the official website only used to provide return messages or build gateways? Is it OK if I use Bluetooth to send messages directly? Because just started to learn, the basic knowledge of the relatively little, if you can give me help, I will be very grateful! Thank you very much! Hope to communicate with friends who have the same purpose or work!

hi andrew,
MDEK1001 is a housing around a DWM1001-dev with a batterycompartment and cabel.
DWM1001-dev is a breakoutboard for the DWM1001 with an onboard j-link to the module an usb connection as well as other periphery (leds, dcdc, …).
DWM1001 is a DWM1000 with arm-cortex-M4 (bluetooth is here!) & 3-axis-imu
DWM1000 is DW1000 with antenna and quarz and spi-interface & dcdc.
DW1000 is the bare uwb-radio-tranceiver.

the raspy is communicating with the dwm1001 via spi, and pi3b&dwm1001. together they give an easy preconfigured gateway from uwb-net to ip-net.
you can communicate to the dwm1001 via bluetooth, spi, uart (I2C) on your own.
you can use the pans api an interact via bloutooth, spi, uart or usercode (see documentation), or you write your own api (look on github).

all in all: you can pretty much dive in as deep as you want, but you can also have simple working rtls out of the box.

hope it gives you a start, greetings hørst

Thank you very much for your reply, which is of great help to me. I have tried to write PAN 2.0 to dwm1001-dev, and it successfully shows the RTLS I want to build. My problem now is that I want to take a look at the underlying code of the dwm1001-dev board and see how far it allows me to change it. I would like to be able to change the algorithm for the positioning of the TAB to the extent that otherwise I can’t use it to complete my research.