About EVK1000 Evaluation Kit

Hi all,

I need to evaluate the DW1000 IC in an environment with the following characteristics:

- Outdoor

- Long range: up to 290 m.

- Accuracy Result shall be within 10 cm.

Can I use EVK1000 Evaluation kit for this purpose ?

If not, is there any other evaluation kit that can be used for this purpose ?

Thank you.

EVK1000 would be best to evaluate the range and accuracy and more.

290m is not possible with EVK, but over 150m is. This because the EVK1000 is not optimized to get the furthest possible range. For what is takes to achieve over 200m see APS017 on maximising Range


Thanks DecaLeo for the reply.

Is it possible to track the positions of 3 tags in an area of 400m x 400m ?
Is it possible to place the anchors like shown below ?

Do I need 3 TREK1000 kits for this ?