About dwm-Daemon and bridgenode

what i want is gateway get userdata from bridge node using spi or uart communication

user data uplink and downlink using web-manager is easy and nice but i want custom gateway function

so i need get data from bridge node using spi or uart

when i customize and execute host apt example(ex3 les_test), getting or setting bridge node config data is good but dwm_usr_data_read or get_loc is didn’t print any data

help me plz

sorry for inadvanced english

Hi @leapslabs,

I have a question about customizing gateway functionalities. Is the software running on Raspberry Pi 3 has a source code? Is there a way that I can implement dwm bridge node <–> RaspberryPi communication at the Uart/Spi level, without working with mosquitto broker?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @nevinsehbal
unfortunately the source code is not public. But the SPI (only) protocol is partially documented in the API docs. However this part is very complex to make it run properly. I would not recommend you to try implement this by yourself. Moreover with anything newer than the supported RPI 3B it will not run (we have tried it). Long story short: 3B+, 4 are more powerfull but the Gbit ethernets spams a tons of IRQ to the core so it is not possible to maintain precise timing which is needed for bridge data transfer.