A problem with the TDOA solution

[color=#333333][size=small][font=Arial,]Has anyone tried the TDOA solution?[/font][/size][/color][color=#4a90e2][size=small][font=Arial,]I now want to make two DW1000 and two ceramic antennas (ACS5200HFAUWB) on a PCB, the antenna spacing is about 2.5cm, and two DW1000 are synchronized with syn pin. How accurate is this method?[/font][/size][/color][color=#333333][size=small][font=Arial,]Can you effectively identify the label on the left or right side of the PCB?[/font][/size][/color][color=#333333][size=small][font=Arial,]Is there a mutual coupling effect between antennas?[/font][/size][/color][color=#333333][size=small][font=Arial,]People who know about TDOA can communicate with each other, thanks![/font][/size][/color]

Considering that DW-IC has about ~4cm STDEV on the TWR results, this means that STDEV of TOA is about 6 cm, and for TDOA the combined variance would be ~10cm. Thus the only way for TDOA to be possible would be to have antennas spaced much further apart than 10cm.

Decawave have TDOA solution in which anchors are synchronised (either wired clock or wirelessly), and as they are spaced e.g. 30m apart the TDOA works quite well.

[color=#333333][size=small][font=Arial,]Thank you for your answer. I would like to ask you which manual is the detailed description of TDOA?[/font][/size][/color]

i get this? i wanna know which one is, ty!