A possibility of using RTS or managing UART

Hello, I’ve started worked with DW1001-Dev module recently and I would like to implement the following programm:
Transmitter gets elements through UART from the file which comes from Terminal. For example, this file consists of 20000 random elements and we put into transmitter buffer a massive which consists of only 200 elements( just as an example) - it means that we should execute the transaction 20000/200 = 100 times.
It’s great but the problem is that the file is read from UART permanently and it doesn’t care that it takes some time to execute a transaction. Therefore some of the elements are lost while transaction or other operations are executed.
Could you please help me?
I know that there is a possibility to control UART communication by using extra RTS pin on Raspberry but I’ve looked through the documentation and found no info about the possibility of using RTS or other UART control from the DWM1001-Dev side
Thanks for paying attention