A new design for DWM1001 module

Hello, we are working on the positioning system and we want to change the size of the DWM1001 model to adapt to our system. So, we designed a new board base on DW1000 and NRF52832, and driven it with the recovery firmware provided by Decawave's website. 
However, during the process of debug , we found that the tag need about 60-80s to start to work, but the anchor work's well, and both the tag and the anchor used the same board. So, may be there are some key points we have missed. 
Looking forward to your reply and Suggestions.

Thank you!

What exactly do you mean here?

The tag needs 60-80 seconds to get into the normal TWR ranging process after power on, and then puts out the ranging information. We disable the tag’s stationary detection through the software, Decawave DRTLS Manager. During this time, the tag is in RX mode and trying to listen for anchors all the time.