9000 Tag limit, Where does it come from


i would like to know where the Tag limit comes from.
I read the system overview document. I read in previous topics that it has to do with the superframe.
I understand that a superframe has 15 slots, and a superframe can be sent every 100ms.
So i get that 60 (seconds in a minute) * 0.1 seconds (length of superframe) * 15 (slots in superframe) = 9000. Which is the maximum number of tags in a minute. But i do not understand why this method cant continue after 60 seconds.

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Quick maths correction.
60 seconds in a minute.
updates per minute = seconds per minute * frames per second * slots per frame = 60 * 10 * 15 = 9000

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are 16 slots.
I think that, for example:
if you has 5000 tags without moving, in the minimal update frequency(0.016)
You can has 70 tags moving, updated in each second(1Hz), or 35 updated in each 0.5 (2Hz).

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Just one correction Costa, there are 15 TWR slots and 16 beacon slot. So for update rate the value to use is 15.