4 Anchors + Tags +Listener Configuration mode

Hi, i have the MDEK1001 Kit. I have a question about the way to communicate when i use the “4A+T+L” Mode ( Figure 8 in the MDEK1001 System User Guide PDF). i do a little edit to the Figure to understand my question.

  1. How the listener get the position of the Tags ?

In this way? (i cant remember the name of communication) :

  1. what happend if Tag1 (in the picture) is out of reach of the listener ?

If someone have more info about this mode , it will be great.


Hi FC,

Your first drawing with arrows is not correct. The listener will report tag1 position only if it can receive frames directly from it. Neither anchors or tag are collecting data to send it to the listener.

If tag1 is not in range with the listener, then its position will not be reported. You either need to connect to tag1 over ble to retrieve its position or add another listener closer to it.


Hello, Yves.
In additon to your answer, can you tell please if this function will be added in PANS 2 release?
As I understand, in 2nd release there will be bridge mode implemented to use dwm1001 modules with gateway.
So, should I have my tags in the range of the bridge node to allow bridge node to get tags’ position (in release 2)?

Hi Demian,

Yes the tag will hve to be in range with the bridge node.

There is more to come about the new release very soon (end of the month / first week of april)


On this scheme gateway is connected to the anchor, and there are no active UWB connections between this anchor and tags.

So if I my area is larger then the range between two devices (tag and bridge), so I have to add one more gateway? Or implement my custom data exchange for sending messages with tags’ position to gateway anchor?

Hi demian!
where you get that image ? I saw the mdek pdf’s and i coudnt find. I need to make a gateway, you are doing the samething ? maybe you use some tutorial or guide that can help me !
Thank you for your time

Hi, Franco,
I got this image from dwm1001-dev datasheet (page 4).

Yes, I am working on my gateway server with some frontend.
But I can’t understand how to make a scalable system with only one gateway. I will get my MDEK1001 kit in a week and start testing.

Im in the same situation, but waiting for the RPi, so keep on touch if you want to help each other