3rd party Zener diode

I tried adding a 5uA Zener current but couldn’t. Editing the Zener diode parameter turned it into a PN junction diode. How can I include a third-party Zener diode?


This is a .model statement, you just have to add this as a text in schematic (when you paste .model text, in Autogenerate Symbol window, select No)
Now, place a diode (repeat pressing D to cycle a zener symbol if you want), and name that diode as your model name. If I assume your .model statement is MM3Z10VT1G and this is an example for your reference

zener-mm3z10vt1g.qsch (2.0 KB)

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To paste a .model of a zener diode and get the correct symbol, you must add the type (type=zener), as in the example below:

.model D1N4734 D Is=1.085f Rs=.7945 Ikf=0 N=1 Xti=3 Eg=1.11 Cjo=157p M=.2966 Vj=.75 Fc=.5 Isr=2.811n Nr=2 Bv=5.6 Ibv=.37157 Nbv=.64726 Ibvl=1m Nbvl=6.5761 Tbv1=267.86u type=zener


I just know autogenerated symbol support .model statement, I never try this until I saw your post as I only paste .subckt and every time type T for text and paste .model statement. :sweat_smile:

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Got it, Thank you !!