3D CAD drawings


Does anyone have or know where I can get 3D CAD drawings for the DWM1001-DEV circuit board and the MDEK1001 completed unit? I can’t seem to find anything on the Decawave site.


I found the CAD for the MWD1001-Dev… Still looking for 3D CAD for the MDEK1001 complete device.


Hello. Where did you find the CAD for the MWD1001-Dev?

Is there any CAD for the MDEK1001 complete device?

Thank you for your help.


mdek1001_housing.zip.txt (63.9 KB) Hi Paul…

I drew the device myself so it may not be 100% perfect. I just needed it for fit testing in an assembly. The mdek-1001 board is available via download. I am afraid I cannot remember the path but it was from the decawave site. It is included with the R2 release package. I believe it was called dwm1001-dev.step. It was too big to upload here (~15MB).


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Thank you Pat. That’s great.

amazing work ! thank you so much !!!