3 anchors and 1 tag using DWS1000 module and STM32f4 Nucleo board

Hello everyone,
I am working on the Decawave DWS1000 module for some time. And I have obtained good accuracy in the one-direction location tracking. Now I want to work on the two-direction location tracking for that I have to work on multiple anchors. Also, I have not a user manual of DWS1000 if anyone has that kindly attach it with the reply.

If anyone has any reference about this please reply on this topic.

Thank you

Hi @Jainam
Please take look at https://www.decawave.com/product-documentation/ and scroll down to the “DWM1000 module” item. You should see there the DWS1000 schematics.


Hi @leapslabs
I sincerely appriciate for your reply.
Yes I have seen the schematics and also set up my hardware perfectly.
Now I want to implement the 3 anchor with one tag application on the setup and I could not able to get any references related to that. If you have any please share with me.

Thank you
Jainam Shah