29mA of static power consumption for DWM1001-dev as a Tag


I am using DWM1001-Dev for an indoor Asset tracking project. Presently I have 23 Anchors, 3 Gateways and 5 Tags configured with a RTLS network. Anchors are hardwired and there is no power issue.

The tags are consuming 29mA of current with a stationary update rate of 30s. The battery that I’m using is of standard capacity of 1600mAh. With this consuption rate, I have only a battery backup of exactly 2 days. How could I decrease the power consumption. With this consumption rate, the project cannot be carried out because of the high cost of maintaining the battery.

I have turned off the LEDs, and desoldered the J16 jumper to cut the power to onboard J - Link. In this configuration, the Tag is consuming 19mA of current with a stationary update of 30s and a battery backup of nearly 4 days.

Is there anyother way to reduce the power consumption of the Tag? I am looking for a battery backup of atleast 10 days with a standard 1600mAh battery.

Thank you

Hi @Arun_16
is the responsive mode enabled? If you need to disable it.

Beside of that if you wan to have the lowest current consumption you need to cut off all connection between DWM1001 and STM32. Beside of that the whole DEV board is not much designed to be super low power…

J16 - STM32 power cutoff
J15 - RXD
J14 - TXD


Hi @leapslabs

Thankyou for your input. It worked. The current consumption reduced to 1.5mA in stationary mode. Could you let me know of the Responsive mode. What does this mode do and what’s the effect when this is turned OFF.
Also, if a Tag remains out of the Anchors range for too long, will the Tag turns OFF and stop communicating with the Anchors. Will it continue to be in this state even after within range of Anchors?

Thank you,