2 suggestion features

Two feature that I think would be very nice to have in Qspice if worst case and monte carlo analysis is avalible already or will become avalible, would be if you could make the software:

  1. find which component that affects a certain user defined nodes voltage or/and current deviation the most and report which one. This would be usefull so that you more efficently can find out which component tolerances that affects the design mostly.

  2. find by itself the maximum/minimum value at a user defined node voltage or current depening on the stated tolerances and report what the values for those components are at the search for a maximum or minimum value at that node.
    In a user friendly easy way without manually make long extensions and .meas statment in a big step matrix to later manually go through all the steped data to find out when the min or max happens.

I’ve used features like this in OrCad Pspice, even though it was long time ago now I remeber they were or could be really useful and powerful.