2 phase buck converter

Hi Everyone,
I have simulated this circuit in PSIM and it works. But when I tried it in QSpice, the voltage didn’t come out. Is there something wrong with the circuit or the PWM signal? I’m still not familiar with this software

This is the output of the PWM signal

Are you sure that your principle control of the converter is right?

It seems correct, because this is actually a normal open loop buck converter control. I have applied it to PSIM and it works. If something is wrong, please correct it.


In my understand of two leg buck converter phase shift each leg is 90 degres. Are your phase shift pwm1 and pwm3 is 90 degres? I think it’s not.

these are the PWM1 and PWM3 outputs (duty = 0.6)

Send your simulation file here, I’ll try.

I can’t upload it, there is a warning that new users cannot upload files. I uploaded it to this drive

ok. please waitting.


You was wrong on the pwm generation.

I have tried it and it works, thank you sir.

This is more efficient

2Leg_BuckConverter.qsch (13.9 KB)

Anyway, from your name are you Indonesian?

Yes, i’m from indonesia. Thank you for the advice