2 anchors, multiple tags setup

Having a set of DWM1001-DEV lying around here, I would like to build a “semi-tracking” system with the following features:

  • 2 fixed anchors, 1 is connected to a host PC
  • multiple moving tags
  • the connected anchor should be able to give me the following distances: anchor1-tag(s), anchor2-tag(s), anchor1-anchor2

I don’t want to use the tracking engine, but only individual ranging in the above manner. Is this possible with the included firmware? From what I can see in the documents it is possible to do a simple ranging between 1 tag and 1 anchor (one being connected to host), but in my case I need an additional “remote ranging” between the second anchor and the tag.

I would appreciate any idea!

I do not think this scenario is possible with the DWM1001. You would probably have to write your own firmware to do something like this.

OK thank you for the information. So I have to dig into the DW1000 API itself to write for the NRF52 …