2 anchors and 1 tag not communicating correctly (with ss_twr examples)


HW: DWM1001-dev.
SW: “ss_twr_init” and “ss_twr_resp” as SW with a little tweak.

Tweak in SW: I send 1 extra frame in every TWR exchange, sending the distance calculated in “ss_twr_init” to “ss_twr_resp” (works perfectly).

I tried the following:

2 DWM1001-dev modules: 1 “ss_twr_init” and 1 “ss_twr_resp” and the distance between them was correctly printed in “ss_twr_resp”. Same channel.

3 DWM1001-dev modules: 2 “ss_twr_init” and 1 “ss_twr_resp” and the distance between each “tag” was correctly printed in “ss_twr_resp” (*). Same channel.

(*) Had to make a quick fix by generating a pseudo-random delay before “blink message” in each “tag” to overcome collisions.

I’ve finally tried this last configuration which hasn’t worked:

3 DWM1001-dev modules. 1 “ss_twr_init” and 2 “ss_twr_resp” and the distance between the “tag” and the 2 different “anchors”, by monitoring the 2 “anchors”, gave erratic values. These values had 2 characteristics: 1) Both “anchors” were synchronized in terms of distance values 2) The values were mainly wrong and kind of collided too

I was wondering if it may have something to do with the fact that both anchors have the same ID maybe? But I haven’t found any place where to set this ID, beyond the DWT_DEVICE_ID parameter, which it shouldn’t be changed because it has nothing to do with it. I also tried the pseudo-random quick fix for the anchors but it didn’t work either.

Do you have any idea on this? It’s been a while since I began to become stuck with this.
I’d really appreciate some guidence.

Thanks a lot,

Guillem Balcells.