Wired Synchronization of Anchors using DWM1000 module

I am new to the Decawave hardware and trying to implement wired synchronization of Anchors to perform TDoA.

As I understand from the datasheet of DWM 1000 module, it is not possible to use the GPIO 7 as a SYNC pin. Whereas in the DWM 1000 product brief the GPIO 7 is shown as a SYNC pin. Can someone remove this confusion (Images attached)? I wanted to buy the DWM 1000 modules and the main factor for me while buying is the possibility to do wired synchronization on the hardware.

I also wanted to know on what pin on the DWM1000 module do I supply the External Clock?

Moreover, I already have the Trek 1000 kit, can I get access to the Sync and Clock pins on it to supply the external Clock & Sync Signals?