Why does seat number of Anchor gets -1 automatically?

I have set up around 50 anchors in an area and network is completely setup. But there are lot of times where I can see the tag location is too inconsistent and when I check the Seat number, it shows -1 for nearby anchors.

Seat number -1 gets updated a few times and it does not for a few times due to which there is a lot of disturbance observed in the Tag location.

Anchors are placed considering the proper LOS and other things. Any idea what is causing here?

Hi Himanshu,

The network contains 30 anchors seats. If you place 50 anchors in a very clustered way, some anchors will not be able to get a seat and their anchor seat will be -1. So effectively these anchors will not be part of the system.

What is the distance between your anchors ?

In order to make sure all of you 50 anchors will get a seat, you need to reduce anchors density by ensuring there is a minimum spacing between each anchors. This is explained in the system overview and performance document.

Thank you,

Hi Yves,

We are facing some serious issue. We have reduced the anchors to 30 for one initiator but still there are 1-2 areas where tag location is freezing a lot.

It’d be really helpful if we can connect on the call once so that we can explain our real scenario and get the issue solved. I know there is a forum available but it’s actually not solving our issue.

Can we please have something direct communication where we can explain our scenario and get the resolutions from your side. Please, it’s really important and urgent for us.

It’d be really really helpful.

Hi himanshu,

The best is to contact the sales channel at sales@decawave.com so the FAE in charge of your region can provide a direct support.

Maybe add some informations about your application, the product you use and the issues met in your email.

Thank you,

Thanks Yves for the reply. We’ll surely try to connect.

Hi Yves,

This is what we received when we sent an email to sales@decawave.com .

Thank you for contacting Decawave.
**We do not sell direct. If you are interested in procuring chips, modules or kits, please visit one of our distributors websites here - **
**https://www.decawave.com/order **
**For Technical inquiries we encourage you to visit our forum - **
Here our technical staff and the growing Decawave community can assist with your enquiry.
For any other query we will get back to you shortly.
Best regards,
The Decawave Team

They are asking as to contact on forum itself.

May we have any help directly. We are literally facing real issues and have been trying to solve it but not able to do it properly.

I am also working for the same. Is your issue of expanding system get resolved?