Why anchor seat duplication happens even if total anchors is <30?


Recently I observed the following with anchor seat allocation:

  1. Even if the total anchors in the network is <30, I observe that seat duplication happens. Is it not expected that the anchors are given unique seat until we hit the limit of 30? All anchors are in the same network and there is only one initiator.

  2. When I use the “la” command in dwm prompt, not all anchors are listed. Any specific reason?

  3. Why do I see a difference in seat allocation for the same anchor at the same time between the Android application and the “la” command?

Could someone please clarify?


Hi Ram,

  1. This can happen. The seat allocation happens automatically. The anchors do some handshaking to allocate a seat that would not collide with anyone. It is not required that the seats have to go from 0 to 29 before being reused.
  2. If the Anchors are not all in range then ‘la’ cannot show all the Anchors. It will show only those which are in range.
  3. If you refresh the Android app you should see the same results, don’t you? The Android app refresh the data only during discovery or when in Grid screen.