Which MCU to use with DWM1000

I was going through products of Decawave, I found that TREK1000, EVB1000 have ST32F4105 MCU, on the other hand, DWM1001, MDEK1001 have nRF52832 MCU.
So, I am a bit confused regarding that is there some special reason for using different MCU in these products?
Which MCU should I chose if I have to build my product with DW1000?


Hi Asmita,

The MCU choice is depending on the end application and its requirements in term of performance, features and cost. There are a whole variety of MCUs on the market, and its really up to the customer to decide which once to use.

The only hard requirement to interface with the DW1000 is the availability of a SPI bus (up to 20MHz).

The reason the nrf52832 was used for DWM1001 was for the great BLE support offered by the nordic chip.


Hi Yves,

Thanks for the info, I have one more query that the datasheet of nrf52832 mentions that it supports maximum of 8MHz SPI bus, so how it is being used where it’s requirement of 20 MHz SPI bus?

Thanks & Regards

20 MHz is the maximum spi frequency supported by DW1000.

8 MHz being less it is also supported.


Hi Yves

Thanks for answering my query. I have another query that if DW1000 sometimes require more than 8 MHz SPI clock(because as per datasheet, it sometimes needs 20 MHz SPI clock), so in that case what kind of limitations would be by using nrf52832?

Thanks & Regards

Hi Asmita,

no, the DW1000 does not have requirement of 20 MHz SPI clock or such. You probably misunderstood the information. You can run at 1 MHz if you want.

The nRF52832 can run at max. 8 MHz SPI and that is what have been used on DWM1001/PANS.