What value of TX power should be set to get close to -41.3dBm/500M?(DW1000)

Hi, What value of TX power should be set to get close to -41.3dBm/500M?(DW1000)

Since that limit is average power over 1 ms the power level will depend on your worst case transmit pattern. Which unless you are sending two packets within 1 ms is whatever your longest packet is.
And it is also very dependent on your antenna and anything near it, power levels are measured in the orientation that gives the maximum power so if your antenna is directional you’ll need to keep the gain lower.

All of this means that the setting for your system is going to be very dependent on both your hardware and your firmware.

Having said that we found our maximum gain settings before going over the limits were in the 14-18 dB region.

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I was also interested in this information. Thank you very much for the reply.


Application note APS023 goes into more detail on this, see APS023 part 1: Transmit Power Calibration
and Management
and APS023 part 2: TX Bandwidth and Power Compensation.

Sadly there is no “one config that fits all” configuration. It not only depends on physical properties like the channel, antenna and casing of the product, but also the frame settings and interval and how the standard defines how this should be measured.

Not 100% correct. The power is typically averaged (RMS). This allows using a higher TX power when using short (<1ms) packets. See Section 6 SMARTTX POWER MODE in APS023 part 1.