What kind of algorithm is used when reading the distance between the initiator and a tag?

I am running a simple demo set-up with 6 DMW1001 modules. 1 tag, 4 anchors (one is the initiator) and 1 listener. The listener is giving the distance between the initiator anchor and the tag in X, Y and Z.

But I have some challenges with the accuracy of the position of the tag so I am curious what algorithm is used. I see that there are different algorithm including Time Of Arrival (TOA), Angle Of Arrival (AOA), Received Signal Strength (RSS), Time Difference Of Arrival (TDOA) and even hybrid algorithms.

I ask this because the algoritms have different performace with Line Of Sight (LOS) or No Line Of Sight NLOS.

Hi @wallem89
it it RTWR - Reverse Two way ranging. Reverse it is because the position is calculated in the TAG.