What is the Smallest Possible Tag I can Buy compatible with MDEK1001 Kit?


I need the tags to be as small and light as possible. Can I buy the DWM1000? Is that compatible with the MDEK1001 Anchors? Can I use the small chip inside as a tag? It says they are 2 cm x 2 cm x .6 cm, but the anchor/tag combo is not that small. Is there a way to get a tag that small?

Thanks in advance.

Hey andersenelias,
DWM1000 module can’t work alone. It will need a MCU to control it. I have designed a module with 240.5 cm³ size. Include DWM1000, MCU(STM32F103C8) and a 300mAH Li-ion. It can compatible with MDEK1001 on the physical layer. But it can’t use the same code as MDEK1001. Because they use different MCU. If you want the module I designed, you can leave me a message.
You can also design a module based on DWM1001, it can use the same code as MDEK1001. Just need add some external circuit. I will do this work later.

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this is pretty small: https://www.insightsip.com/products/bluetooth-smart-modules/isp1510
but, of course, it will not have DWM1001 PANS SW running on it.

Ask Decawave where you can buy the teddy bear bracelet in their promotional video. That might be small enough for you.