Weak battery and DWM1000


I am using DWM1000 on a board with a microcontroller STM32L431CC. I am facing a strange issue when the battery becomes weak and can’t provide the power needed for DWM1000 initialization.

When the battery is too weak, the board resets because of DWM1000 initialization. After a random number of attemps, the microcontroller does not start anymore. At this point, i am not able to do anything with my board, it is like the code have been erased or the microcontroller is locked in a strange state. Even after disconnecting the battery or connecting a new one, it doesn’t start again. The only way to make it work again is to reflash the board.

I can avoid this problem by putting a 500ms delay before DWM1000 initialization when my boards resets, but i would like to know if this is a known issue or if there is something wrong in my way of using DWM1000 ?

Here you can see the power voltage applied with the weak battery. At the first three attempts of connecting the battery, the battery is too weak to initialize DWM1000. At the fourth attempt, the code has kind of disappeared…

My batteries characteristics are : 3.6V Primary Li-SOCl2 Battery

Thank you for helping,


Hi, did you resolve this issue? What is your experience with using Li-SOCl2 batteries? Are they performant enough for the DW1000 power draw?