Waveform viewer improvement request

Hi Mike and Team,

  1. Wondering if there has been consideration to add zoom and pan capability on the waveform viewer using mouse.
    Scroll to zoom in/out and click(right or left) to pan.

  2. For a simulation with more than a few GB, its common to have the waveform viewer to freeze for seconds everytime we zoom in. Even in a relatively powerful desktop PC.

Perhaps I can make a suggestion to downsample a large data before plotting.

I have seen in a new Keysight scope that they are doing the same downsampling when we are zooming out the data.

Appreciate as always,

There is some ability to do that. But since the redraw time can be an issue, the way it works is this: Hold down the Alt key and move the mouse to pan and use the mouse wheel to zoom. It will bitblt the currently rendered bitmap to a new scale. Release the Alt key to adopt the pan/zoom setting.