Warehouse order picking type and UWB navigation to reduce traversed distance

Dear experts,
This is regarding the increasing the productivity and throughput in a warehouse by reducing the traversed distance during order picking. The distance traversed can be reduced by using the travelers salesmen problem algorithm and using UWB based navigation.
Having said that lot of warehouses are using zone based picking in which the entire area/space is logically divided into multiple zones and workers are assigned only to these specific zones to complete the order picking. Since the zones are now smaller, the workers are aware of the location and the routes to reach different pickup points.
However there are other different types of picking like Wave picking, Batch picking, cluster picking etc. Has anybody done any kind of testing or simulation to determine the need for UWB navigation and the type of order picking that will yield the highest throughput and productivity in warehouse with minimum number of workers and cost!
Any white paper, simulation results and testing results if can be shared will be very helpful. Please revert back.
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Sandeep Suresh.

Hi, I’m just working on a solution like the one you’re looking for. I share a link of a demonstration in the stores of an automotive company in Mexico

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